Why AFPA Is the Trusted Source for Health, Fitness and Nutrition Education

With industry-leading accolades, AFPA can help you become an authority in the health and wellness industry without having to spend a fortune. Here’s why our curriculum is so effective.

Turn your dream career into a reality

Obtaining your AFPA certification will provide you with the freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whomever you choose to work for. Whether you’re looking to become the top professional of the company you work for, create an online training business, open your fitness studio or want to escape a 9 to 5, our programs give you the flexibility to carve your own path.

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Fulfill your true calling by inspiring and helping others achieve optimal health

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the smile on a client’s face after helping them achieve the results they’ve been struggling to attain. Our programs will position you as a health authority and give you the proper tools to help your clients succeed.

Find out 8 ways to enhance your career in health and wellness

Extensive career paths and continuing education options

AFPA has been providing excellence in health, fitness, and nutrition education for over 27 years for a reason. Our comprehensive selection of certifications has a program for everyone. Select the career path that suits you best by specializing in the field that interests you most.

Explore our certification program options and find out how to get started

Get certified without breaking the bank. Our certifications cost significantly less than degree programs, so they’re affordable programs with minimum financial risk.

Each and every program is developed by trusted, knowledgeable professionals with subject matter expertise to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date education available.

Complete your education and graduate from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Our self-study programs were designed to fit your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

We have national and international accreditations to verify that our programs are current, scientifically-based, and have been evaluated by third-party accrediting organizations.

Wellness is now a $3.72 trillion global industry. Become a part of this tremendously lucrative job field.

Financing options available for all certifications. Instant approval. Buy your favorite program, pay it off over a 3-, 6-, or 12-month period!

How Our Graduates Have Benefited

Whether you want to start your own business, launch a side gig, or simply learn how to become healthier, AFPA provides a variety of benefits including professional resources & unlimited student support.  Check out some of our Graduate Success Stories! 

Fulfill Your Passion Within

Become someone who loves what they do for a living. If you have a passion to help others become healthier, follow your calling and start your career in health, fitness or nutrition.

Achieve the Freedom of Entrepreneurship

AFPA certifications grant you the opportunity to build a successful business in the health and wellness industry, so you can create your own schedule and make money on your own terms.

Cast a Wide Net of Employment Opportunities

Whether you’re striving to become the best fitness instructor, seeking employment from your dream company or working to build your own successful business, AFPA certifications give you the credible advantage to pursue any endeavor you desire.

Become a Positive Impact in Society

A career as a health, fitness or nutrition professional will put you at the forefront of today’s prevalent metabolic disease epidemic, allowing you to teach others how to live a healthy, prosperous life.

Endless Income Opportunities

AFPA certifications extend far and wide from both an education and monetary standpoint. Upon completion, your earning potential becomes endless, giving you the opportunity to control your income and earn an income that directly reflects your hard work!

Tremendous Industry Growth

The monumental growth happening in the health and wellness industry dramatically increases the demand for health, fitness and nutrition professionals. Become AFPA certified today to become a part of the massive movement.

What Our Graduates Have to Say

Tyler Kalisiak_Sports Nutritionist_AND_Strength Conditioning Specialist

What I loved most about getting certified with AFPA is that it really opened the opportunities for my long career, and it gave me direction.”

Tyler Kalisiak, AFPA Sports Nutritionist, AFPA Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Holistic Health Coach Program Guide

Learn everything there is to know about becoming a Holistic Health Coach in today’s booming wellness industry. Download our free career guide to learn about Holistic Health 101, Holistic Health Coach career opportunities, how to kick-start your career in Holistic Health, how to get certified and the AFPA curriculum.